Suppliers and Products


1 Scientific Instrumentation

  Anfatec D Lock-in Amplifier, AFM
  GGB Industries/Picoprobe USA DC and microwave probes, standard and bespoke
  Janis Research USA Cryogenic probe stations
  Kimball Physics USA Electron and ion guns, CF hardware, detectors
  KP Technology UK Kelvin probes
  Wentworth Laboratories USA Manual, semi-automatic and automatic probing platforms

2 Microwave Products

  ARA / SEAVEY USA Antennas covering 100Hz to 40GHz
  Dynawave USA Microwave connectors and accessories
  Meggitt Safety Systems Inc USA SiO2 coaxial cables
  Sivers IMA SE VCO, PLL, FMCW radar sensors, and V-band and E-band converters,
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